Our Mission: Empowering individuals to elevate their well-being.

Our Story

Welcome to RETROVANCE, where we combine the power of Agile methodologies with cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence in the pursuit of well-being.

Driven by our shared passion for compassionate and empathetic leadership, we have embarked on a mission to help people elevate their overall well-being using the principles of Scrum. We believe that by applying the mindset, rituals, and ceremonies of Scrum to different aspects of life, such as relationships, parenting, fitness, and careers, individuals can unlock their full potential and experience greater fulfillment.

Our AI-powered platform is designed to guide you on this transformative journey. We provide you with the tools, structure, and support to set meaningful well-being goals and plan your path towards achieving them. Just as Scrum teams collaborate to deliver valuable software, we foster a community where individuals can connect, learn from each other, and offer support along the way.

Using our platform, you can break down your well-being goals into actionable tasks and prioritize them in sprints. Our intuitive interface enables you to track your progress, celebrate your accomplishments, and adapt your plans as needed. Through daily check-ins, retrospectives, and AI-powered insights, we empower you to gain self-awareness, learn from your experiences, and make continuous improvements.

At the heart of our platform is the belief that well-being is a journey, not a destination. We understand that everyone's path is unique, and we are committed to providing a personalized experience that meets you where you are. Our AI algorithms analyze your data to offer tailored recommendations and strategies, helping you navigate obstacles and seize opportunities for growth.

Join us on this transformative adventure and unlock your full potential. Together, let's embrace the Agile-inspired mindset, break through barriers, and create a life filled with purpose, joy, and well-being.

Our Team

We are Judy Kim and Derry Smith, two seasoned professionals who have worked together for over 15 years as Product and Engineering leaders in various companies. Throughout our journey, we have witnessed the transformative impact of Agile not only in building software products but also in our personal lives.

Judy Kim

Judy Kim


Judy Kim is the Founder and CEO of Retrovance, with over 20 years of product and people management experience working in high growth environments. Judy is highly skilled at strategy and helping employees and leadership connect the dots between individual and company goals. Her background in Product Management, Analytics, Operations, Strategy, and Talent Management expands over several industries including investment banking, fin-tech, search marketing, lead generation, and healthcare.

Judy is a graduate from the University of California, San Diego with a BA in Sociology and a minor in Literature.

Derry Smith

Derry Smith

Director of Engineering

Derry Smith is the Director of Engineering at Retrovance. He is a Senior Software Architect with over 25 years of full-stack development, technology team management, implementation, and architecture experience. Derry supports all of the engineering efforts at Retrovance which include Software Development, Quality Assurance, Security and Compliance, and technological vision.

Prior to Retrovance, he served as a senior technology leader in various industries including entertainment, retail, finance, and healthcare.